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A. College of Nursing


1.       Produce professionals with intellectual, moral and spiritual capabilities in rendering health service.

2.    Prepare Nurses who can physically help in upgrading the social, political, economic, health and moral conditions of the community.

3.   Formation of graduates who posses the undertaking and awareness of social responsibilities towards his fellowmen and community in his professional calling as qualified nurse.

4.     Train students who shall be practitioners, leaders and researchers grounded with sense of inquiry and committed to human caring.

      5.   Formation of students to be a member of the Philippine Nurses Association.

B. College of Criminology


  1. Prepare young men and women to be responsible and competent professionals.
  2. Train leaders in the art and science of crime detection, criminal investigation, law enforcement and related areas in the light of modern technology equipment.
  3. Produce morally upright graduates who can deliver efficient and effective service in the field of criminology.
  4. Formation of the student to be a member of the Professional Criminologist Association of Philippines.
  5. Embed a system of honesty and sincerity in the practice of profession.

 C. College of Business Administration

       a.) Department of Commerce


  1. To become productive, critically thinking and responsible professionals with strong moral and spiritual convictions.
  2. To be equipped with the tools of business related sciences.
  3. To become professional leaders wit a sense of responsiveness to the demands of the dynamic world of business.
  4. To understand the essence of industry and spirits of entrepreneurships.
  5. To generate employment through the business self-reliability and sustainability.

       b.)  Department of Education


        The main concern of teacher education is the preparation globally competitive teachers who are imbued with ideals, aspirations and traditions of Philippine life and are sufficiently equipped with pedagogical knowledge and skills specifically, teacher who can assume the following roles:

1.   Effective synthesizer of organized knowledge to allow analytical and critical thinking.

2.  Efficient promoter and facilitator of learners to develop to the fullest their potential for a continuing pursuit of self-education.

3.  Committed humanist whose clear understanding and appreciation of human ideals and values inspire their learners to teach greater heights of human aspirations.


 c.) Department of Hotel and Restaurant and Management




1.       Produce skilled, self-reliant and well trained graduates.

2.       Train wholesome hotel/ restaurant specialist.

3.       Develop professionals trained in the art and science of managing hotel, restaurant.

4.       Formation of students who shall contribute to the fast changing growth of the tourism industry.

5.       Train graduates to be entrepreneurs for economic growth and development.


      d.)  Department of Information Technology


1.       Train students in the art of information science such as analysis, designing and programming effectively.

2.       Enhance their skills in encoding or manipulating of text accurately and precisely.

3.       Develop their skills in repairing and as well as designing hardware of information science.

4.       Inculcate to the students the positive attitude towards work with emphasis on quality services.

5.       Facilitate development of leadership skills.

      e.)  Department of Secretarial


1.       Train morally upright professionals.

2.       Develop the studentís modern office management skills.

3.       Train students on good human relations, leadership and management skills.

4.       Produce graduates who shall exercise good judgment in meeting the challenging and fast changing office works.

5.       Produce world class secretaries through well-rounded personality and achieved through efficiency and office tasks.


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