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  PLT College, first in Nueva Vizcaya to own a tertiary base hospital


location: Bascaran, Solano, Nueva Vizcaya

        PLT College takes pride for being the first Higher Education Institution in Nueva Vizcaya and Second in Region II to own a base hospital for its College of Nursing.  It is a 150 bed capacity that is departmentalized with surgery, medicine, pediatrics and OB-gynecology.  The PLT College Luis A. Tiam Memorial Hospital is located at Bascaran, Solano Nueva Vizcaya and will soon to operate on September 2005 giving its services not only to Novo Vizcayanos but also to the Neighboring provinces.

         " PLT College Luis A. Tiam Memorial Hospital aims to provide quality and equal health care services to all irregardless of social standing, religion or creed as it envisions itself to become the center of expert medical service in the metropolis." Engr. Purisimo L. Tiam said in an interview.  He further stressed that this will also serve as training ground for PLTC Nursing/Midwifery students for them to acquire rigid training in their own field of specialization and not to compete with other nursing/midwifery students from different schools in the medical center in the province.

        The medical institution has also an operating complex which contains the operating room for major surgery, OB with ICU, and a Dialysis Room.  It has also acquired new modern medical facilities and state of the art equipment and machine that ties up with the new and modern facilities in the metropolis.

           Recently, the PLTC president, Engr. Purisimo L. Tiam, Is now hiring medical experts in various specialties that ties up with doctors of St. Luke's Medical Center.